omg I'm alive!

but with a brand new blog now! I just published the first entry so please check it out! :3



I haven't felt like writing anything lately. Actually I don't feel like writing at the moment either but I just decided to get this shit done now or I'll never do it. :D So.. A lot has been happening lately, parties, parties, parties and some parties. But definitely the best ones have been my friends' birthday parties with themes!  Last weekend was Melsa's birthday party and the theme was cops and criminals.

And a week earlier was Iisa's white themed party. Only one pic (because I looked so stupid in every pic am lazy), but I think you can find more from others' blogs!

Also, last weekend it was snowing so Alina, Iisa, Ella and me went out for some snowball fight and then made a big snowman!  8D

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