Ryppysiä vaatteita henkarissa

How hard is it to put on some make up and a wig and go out to take some pics? Seems to be hard for me :--D So this time I just show my taobao gets this way though it's super boring.

For some reason I've started to like clothes like this lately. Actually the right one isn't from taobao but I bought it at the same time when I made the order.

I'm so in love with the left one ♡ right one too, but I haven't used it as much :D

High-waisted bottoms! ♥ Have been wanting some for a while.

And some pics of me so you won't forget my face. Le moustache shirt and beanie are new too, bought them on last Friday from GT. I just couldn't resist that shirt.... 


Tracon VI

Always before a convention I think that "this time I'm really going to take many good pics" but I've started to think that's impossible for me :--D Oh well. Still I decided to try to come up with an entry about Tracon VI. I was there with Ella and some time with Oona Maria and Melsa and their friends too. But we had to stay outside with Ella all the time because we were too poor to buy tickets. XD 

You know it's boring to be "normal" at con so we decided to dress as some otokoyakus! (Zuka what have you done to me?) We have planned our next cosplays too but we just don't have money to make them... XD

Sexy men with tons of make up

 Most of the pics turned out like this... XD


 And some pic of my super detailed  outfit. 

Btw lately I've started to like using lipstick but all the lipsticks I have are bad quality and doesn't last at all D: If you have any tips how to make it last longer or could recommend some brand please tell me! :3

Next time maybe about my newest taobao order that arrived last week! ♥

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