Ryppysiä vaatteita henkarissa

How hard is it to put on some make up and a wig and go out to take some pics? Seems to be hard for me :--D So this time I just show my taobao gets this way though it's super boring.

For some reason I've started to like clothes like this lately. Actually the right one isn't from taobao but I bought it at the same time when I made the order.

I'm so in love with the left one ♡ right one too, but I haven't used it as much :D

High-waisted bottoms! ♥ Have been wanting some for a while.

And some pics of me so you won't forget my face. Le moustache shirt and beanie are new too, bought them on last Friday from GT. I just couldn't resist that shirt.... 


Fandango said...

AWW mitkä housut! mulle kans!!!mistä ne on?
ja edelleen ihailen tota peruukkia.
ja pipoa :)

linni said...

taobaosta, mut en muista myyjää :D

Maria May said...

Love the clothes you bought especially the hight waist pants. They look really good on you.
And the mustache t-shirt is freaking awesome! Your total outfit is so nice and i love the wig <3

Princess Yuki said...

viiksipaita luuuuv ja oolalaa toi toisen kuvan vasemmanpuoleinen paita! I wants too T__T

Shmuberry said...

hhahahaha love the shirt!!!

Derya said...

sulla on ihan sikaihana blogi :) jatka samaan malliin ;D!

♥ leave-world.blogspot.com

Rosi said...

Söps x] ♥

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