I haven't felt like writing anything lately. Actually I don't feel like writing at the moment either but I just decided to get this shit done now or I'll never do it. :D So.. A lot has been happening lately, parties, parties, parties and some parties. But definitely the best ones have been my friends' birthday parties with themes!  Last weekend was Melsa's birthday party and the theme was cops and criminals.

And a week earlier was Iisa's white themed party. Only one pic (because I looked so stupid in every pic am lazy), but I think you can find more from others' blogs!

Also, last weekend it was snowing so Alina, Iisa, Ella and me went out for some snowball fight and then made a big snowman!  8D


Hot Week, Hot Week!

Last week was the best week ever! ;___; Ella was here and we had so much fun that the muscles on my stomach hurts so bad haha. I think we didn't do anything special, just watched Takarazuka musicals for 18+18 hours, ate shitloads of candies, shopped a little and laughed way too much. I wish we could meet more often..

Ughhh. First Zuka sleepover on monday and too much candy.

Hello there Tybalt..

After sleeping two hours we just...did nothing? Took stupid webcam pictures. I didn't know it's possible for me to look like that.

New mean and greasy Disney villain! Ok what.


Sergei Diaghilev?

Ok so next day it was time for some shopping. We also checked out new Kluuvi, but I think you've seen those pictures enough on other blogs. It was nice to look more girlish again.

Long time no see, my dear PIUpro ♥

I actually found something! More beanies for me again haha~ But I couldn't resist that Stitch.

And some webcamwhoring again.


And again Zuka sleepover and foooood.

I think that was it. What an anticlimax ending lol. I have done something for my layout since I just couldn't stand the orange one anymore and now I have no idea how that looks with other computers.. :--D


❧my little nerd corner❧

I've been thinking about showing my nerd corner for you, and now I got it clean enough so I took some pics! :3 (usually there's pencils, drawings & paper, food and make up products all over my desk haha..) 
When I still had PC I got used to have 2 monitors, so that's why there's an extra one plugged in my Macbook.
On the wall there's some purikura pictures (to make my days better~) and cute little clothespins holding notes. ♥

Annd my zebrah or something deco! I spent like 20 hours making this... ??


Ryppysiä vaatteita henkarissa

How hard is it to put on some make up and a wig and go out to take some pics? Seems to be hard for me :--D So this time I just show my taobao gets this way though it's super boring.

For some reason I've started to like clothes like this lately. Actually the right one isn't from taobao but I bought it at the same time when I made the order.

I'm so in love with the left one ♡ right one too, but I haven't used it as much :D

High-waisted bottoms! ♥ Have been wanting some for a while.

And some pics of me so you won't forget my face. Le moustache shirt and beanie are new too, bought them on last Friday from GT. I just couldn't resist that shirt.... 


Tracon VI

Always before a convention I think that "this time I'm really going to take many good pics" but I've started to think that's impossible for me :--D Oh well. Still I decided to try to come up with an entry about Tracon VI. I was there with Ella and some time with Oona Maria and Melsa and their friends too. But we had to stay outside with Ella all the time because we were too poor to buy tickets. XD 

You know it's boring to be "normal" at con so we decided to dress as some otokoyakus! (Zuka what have you done to me?) We have planned our next cosplays too but we just don't have money to make them... XD

Sexy men with tons of make up

 Most of the pics turned out like this... XD


 And some pic of my super detailed  outfit. 

Btw lately I've started to like using lipstick but all the lipsticks I have are bad quality and doesn't last at all D: If you have any tips how to make it last longer or could recommend some brand please tell me! :3

Next time maybe about my newest taobao order that arrived last week! ♥


I think this is all that has happened lately..... I cut my hair AGAIN! I think this isn't very gyaruish but well, I'll always have my wigs. 8)

ps. ViVACE isn't active anymore. Not gonna explain more (at least not now) but there was no drama between us or anything :D and for me it would have been hard to attend in me2s too because I moved to Espoo.


Max blue circle lenses & mobile pic spam

It's hard to blog since nothing big happens... ;; Well now I have a few little things to blog about :--D

I ordered new lenses again, got them on Monday. I've been wanting blue lenses like ages, but it was kinda hard to find any that fit my eyes D: But the reviews of Max Pure Blue made me buy them. Indeed they look natural colored and are comfortable!

Without flash
And with flash. Hurrr I look horrible. 
(I wonder why that other one seems like being inside out :--D At least it didn't feel like that :''D)

Enlargement: ★★★★★ 
(14.5mm really is enough for my little eyes :--D)
Comfort: ★★★★☆
Color: ★★★★☆

Well then.. Last weekend Tytti had Japan-themed housewarming party! I had fun though I didn't know almost anyone there 8--D I had met Lylle and Marika once, in Lady Gaga's gig about a year ago and that was it :D It was nice to meet new people there ^^

SIPULIIII. We drank sake. Or they did, for some reason I can't drink alcohol over 5% D: I wonder if I'm just little allergic or whaaat.

First I thought of dressing like otokoyaku there, but I didn't have any good clothes for that.. So I tried again some zukainspired gal makeup :D

I've been watching so much anime lately~~ 

And tried some otokoyaku look at home 8D It was fun. 

And yesterday Kati was visiting me and we made sushi 8D Cute soy sauce face btw.

I've been thinking different kind of posts now when nothing bigger happens. Would you like if I did some tutorials or inspiration posts or something? I've been thinking of posting more often too, but just little posts like "today I had fun with xxx @ centre" or "I was bored so I took pics of my home and wanted to share them with you" or something like that XD


ASSEMBLY summer 2011

Just a mini-post about Assembly this time! I don't have much to tell you about that, I think you're not so interested in some geeky stuff :--D And I must say that I didn't sleep very well during the event, so I don't even remember many things haha...

This was my first time there, omg. But I had looots of fun! In the first evening MaSu had a gig on the main stage, I wasn't so interested to go to see them near but I enjoyed the music while sitting on the computer.. :D I think it was kind of weird XD

On Saturday there was a cosplay compo that I planned to take part in too, but I didn't have time to make any proper cosplay.. ;__; Next year I will! 

Nyancat everywhere

It just looks so cool..

My personal disco ♥

This was maybe the funniest thing :----D I think I'm the 7th in the line so you can find me in the video XD (yellow shirt and something like purple hair)


::new clothes::

Again I've been soo lazy blogger... :--D I still have only worked (and tried to find a new job) AND I've been preparing for Assembly 2011! (about that in...maybe this weekend.. XD)

I thought I could show you my new clothes in different way than the usual and boring clothes-on-floor-or-on-a-hanger so I went outside to take some pics~ These are all from taobao ELI HALPISKAMAA KAIKKI <3

Stitch shirt 8D I finally wanted something Stitch to wear XD

Supercute bunny shirt!

Just some denim shorts

..shortshirt XDDDD I don't know if these have some name :--D I love the lace on the back~

...more lace..

I also wanted some brownish clothes so I ordered those brown shorts (high waist! *_*) and white ... thing XD

And a while ago I found this from GT's summer sales, I think it was love at first sight.

I forgot to take pics of a few clothes.. XD So some time about those too... Now back to party harddd!

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