ASSEMBLY summer 2011

Just a mini-post about Assembly this time! I don't have much to tell you about that, I think you're not so interested in some geeky stuff :--D And I must say that I didn't sleep very well during the event, so I don't even remember many things haha...

This was my first time there, omg. But I had looots of fun! In the first evening MaSu had a gig on the main stage, I wasn't so interested to go to see them near but I enjoyed the music while sitting on the computer.. :D I think it was kind of weird XD

On Saturday there was a cosplay compo that I planned to take part in too, but I didn't have time to make any proper cosplay.. ;__; Next year I will! 

Nyancat everywhere

It just looks so cool..

My personal disco ♥

This was maybe the funniest thing :----D I think I'm the 7th in the line so you can find me in the video XD (yellow shirt and something like purple hair)

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shinibana said...

hääh nytkö sielläkin on cosplayta? :o
haluaisin kyllä joskus käydä assyilla ^^ harmi vaan että ne on yleensä siihen aikaan ettei pääse >.>

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