Animecon 2011

Am I late or what.... :--D I'm sorry for being lazy updater~

Last weekend we were at Animecon. First I thought not to go there but then me and Ella decided to do this Takarazuka cosplay. I think we did kinda well since we had only 3 weeks and though my wig was wrong color (at least I got my money back..) and my boots never arrived in time.. :D


Omg Paris proposed to me.

We also found new friends who matched to our colors 8D 

I really don't have much to say about A-con, the program sucked (as always in A-con..) so we just hanged out there. We went to watch some Hetalia show that Melsa and Maria asked us to see (because they were playing there too) and it almost made me like Hetalia because it really wasn't that yaoi-stuff I really hate :D I tried to take pics of cool cosplays but always when I saw some and was about to go ask for a pic, we were asked for a pic too.. XD 


sugar-trick said...

Niin ihanat cossit! ;3; ♥
En olis ikinä arvannu, et sulla on peruukki? Niin aidon hiuksen näköinen!

Miwa~ said...

hahahaha the last photo is so funny and cute!xD
loooove yours costumes,they are beautiful <3
I´m from Argentina and here we have an A-con,or something like that and it SUCKS the same xDDD

Sami Spoon said...

Amazing costume!

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